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Caricature antisémite sur Facebook

Sur le profil Facebook de Krimo Boutkabout, on découvre, accompagné de la photo ci-jointe, le commentaire ci-dessous :


« Yeah well, i’m alqaida too.. and don’t be mistaken, the globe in this cartoon does not represent the world, it represents the rich, the west and their media.. the billions on this globe think alike, to hell with israel, fuck Sarko, Obama and all other massmurderers. Viva Al Qaida in the west, Viva Al Qaida in Paris, in Toulouse, in Brussels, in London, in New York, in Berlin, in Amsterdam, in Madrid, in Toronto, in Sydney, in Kopenhagen and down with Al Qaida in the rest of the globe.. Yes yes, fuck you.. u got it! »


Le signalement a été transmis au Centre pour l’Egalité des Chances.


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