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Déclarations antisémites sur le forum internet de Kif Kif

Comme cela est déjà arrivé plusieurs fois par le passé, le site a laissé publier sur son site des propos antisémites d’internautes actifs sur leur forum de discussion.

On pouvait y lire un article d’Ibrahim Alloush intitulé « Can we really separate Judaism from Zionism? »
« Any which way you look at it, Judaism and Zionism cannot be really separated from one another. Zionism is not a misinterpretation of Judaism, it is rather the distilled essence of mainstream Judaism. When Marx shredded Judaism to pieces in his On the Jewish Question, the term « Zionism » wasn’t even in circulation. Marx considered Judaism, as representative of what he called the « practical Jew », a parasitic predatory ideology that befits capitalism in its decaying phase.
Indeed, Judaism is the culture of parasitic predation that was incubated in the isolation of Ghettos. It’s also marked by its supra-national character, sniffing down upon any national allegiance. Hence, it’s no wonder that globalism brought with it the globalization of the Hollowcause as a post-modern secular fetish. Globalization is essentially about the hegemony of non-productive financial capital, and usury, so globalization meant that the world was also turning Jewish.
It’s also no wonder that anti-Judaism, as secular anti-Zionism or as anti-Jewish religious fundamentalism (be it Christian or Muslim) has become a staple of national liberation movements worldwide.
As Arabs, we cannot be unaware of the fact that the two basic tenets of Zionism are to be found in Judaism. The concept of « divine promise » where Yahweh allegedly doles out our Arab Palestine to the Jew is the first of these tenets justifying the usurpation of Palestine. The second of these tenets is of course the concept of « chosen people » where the Jew is granted privilege over the goyim, that is, non-Jews
Israel Shahak in his Jewish History, Jewish Religion, the Weight of Three Thousand Years provided ample vidence showing how the brutality practiced by occupation forces and Jewish colonists against Palestinian Arabs was sanctioned by religious law from Rabbis on the basis of scriptures calling for the abuse and mistreatment of the goyim. »

Les déclarations antisémites visibles à partir du lien suivant,, ont été rapidement enlevées du site suite aux réactions d’un internaute vigilent et du Centre pour l’Egalité des Chances mais ce dernier a également déposée une plainte au pénal.

Déclarations antisémites sur le forum internet de Kif Kif


Déclarations antisémites sur le forum internet de Kif Kif

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