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Haatdragende commentaren over joden en muslims in een ” subreddit ” de Belgische Reddit site

De racistische en antisemitische commentaren werden aan UNIA aangegeven. de discussie werd vervolgens gesloten ingevolge de toxiciteit van bepaalde commentaren, zoals, o.a.: 

k995 “ There is no implication. last time I checked anti-semetism is hate for jews. Using them as a laugh isnt hating on them. Its the intent that matters. Now unless you show me some sociale media posts or this group doing this every year thats not the case no matter how many time you imply that.”

cerb4ever “ Can’t they just make a vague appology. Like ‘We are sorry if people are offended. It was not our intention to hurt somebody etc’ Everybody can move on. This is really a ‘fart in a bottle’. It’s not the oilsters ‘anti-semitism’ that they should worry about.”

dnbVice “ stereotype <> anti-semetic. People need to stop being butthurt all the fucking time.”


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